[solved] How do I fix jump through platforms? [solved]

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  • Hello friends

    I'm having some problems with the jump through behavior, I would like to know from you if it's a bug or something I can fix.

    Here, the game still looks like this:

    As you can see the collision box is all right and working properly.

    But then when I try to reach for the Jump Through Platform, this happens:

    The animation of "Landed" plays normally when the player lands on the platform, however the "on floor" condition does't recognize the platform as the floor, so the walking and running animation won't trigger. So in addition to the player landing on the middle of the platform, it won't move properly because it keeps stuck on the idle animation.

    I saw some people were having some trouble with this with previous versions of construct, but mine version is the latest update; furthermore, I've recently developed another game where the Jump Through behavior working perfectly, I tried comparing codes of one game with the other, but it looks just the same, except that one works and the other don't >.>

    Any suggestions on that?

    Thank you

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  • Probably best to post a .capx showing the problem.

  • It was a few pixels on the landing animation collision box. Solved it already. Thank you

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