[Solved] How do I do an event after an other one ?

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  • Hello,

    I'm kinda stuck about the parents-children event. I want to play an event AFTER an other one but I don't want it to be limited by the parent system.

    Take a look at the screen to make it easier to understand :

    Here I have an event about the tap gesture on " plateau_cases " and the conditions about it. This one works perfectly, but the problem is about the " for each ", I would like it to apply to ALL the cases I have (48 for the record) but the problem is with the children system it is applied to only the one that has been taped.

    So I've tried to put this out a system of parents-children, but the problem is, it blocks my previous instructions, so the frame start at 0, never change to 1 and it block my game because I need the animation to be played.

    So I need to know, if there is a way to "reset" the cases by putting the frame animation to 0 for each cases without being limited by the only cases that has been taped.

  • You could take it out like you did but put in a condition. It's not 100% clear what the condition is for resetting the frame to 0, is it when all animations are complete? A reset function might be best used here.

    Something like this might be useful to control the reset?

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  • Oh nice, exactly what I wanted, thank you! Always forgot to use functions ><.

    I needed it to use it in a board game, the animation are the selectable cases and after the move I needed to reset it for the next turn

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