[SOLVED] Where can I edit the animation properties

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  • If I create a sprite, then add some extra frames in the editor thing, thats an animation right?

    The manual says there is an "animation bar" - I cant find this, anyone know how to get it?

    In the manual, it says you can chage properties like loop and speed. Where can these be set? I have R99. when I click on properties->Animations->edit it crashes Construct 2 of course, so the work around is to double click on the sprite, which bings up the image editor and the animation frame thing.

    But I still cant find where to set the loop and time etc.

    Basically, I just want to find a way to stop the animation running automatically when the game loads.

    Thanks for any help,

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  • After days of looking for this, Ive finally found it. The Animations window was actually underneat the Edit image window. The properties are automactially displayed on the left of the main construct 2 window, and allow you to edit the speed etc. Easy to miss.

  • Easy to miss.

    Not if you have read and completed the beginner's guide to Construct 2.

    Those are explained and displayed in screenshot in a comprehensive and quick way.

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