[Solved] Double spawned objects. Solution?

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  • I have an event where

    Object A:On collision with object B, set all objects on layout destroyed.

    I have about 5 different objects on the layout and I put them in a family, where I can destroy them on collision.

    When I restart the layout after that, Object A is spawned twice immediately, instead of just one.

    Is there a solution to this? I thought I already destroyed all objects before the layout restarts.

  • Do you have one instance of the object sitting on the layout to begin with before spawning the others?

    If so make sure you do a

    on start of layout - object destroy

    to clear all instances first.

    its probably just one of your original instances still on the layout

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  • I sort of came up with a workaround. Basically assign a global variable to them and disable events following collision. That solved the issue in my case. Probably not the best way but it worked somehow.

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