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  • I made a monster generator with multi sprites each sprite set to head, eyes, mouth and body, I have a problem, l show you the screenshots.

    1) When I type a name in textbox and click to generate a monster

    2) Next step, I type another name and click to generate another monster

    But I didn't want to set parts to other monster is already created... I keep clicking to create with different names


    That's I didn't want it after all.

    There is my event to create monster, sorry for non-semantic variables

    Would you mind how to prevent to all picks when each monster is created?


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  • Never mind, I didn't notice why load image from URL only applies one frame in sprite, these sprites have only one frame. When an object is create, it shares image to another new object.


  • So how did you fix the problem?

  • Sprite object all share the same set of animation and animation frames. You can't have two instances of the same object with the same animation name and frame that look different. One way to circumvent the problem would be to have a lot of placeholder animations and/or animation frames (depending on the needs), and keep a dictionary of the "mappings".

  • Magistross hmott Tiled Background dont share frames, it can have many instances and load image URL after all.

  • I am using the paster plugin by R0J0hound,

    It works exactly the way it should: create a new instance; on object created -> load an image; repeat.

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