[Solved] How do I create a circular experience "bar"?

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  • The best example of this is in the game Destiny, The reputation for vendors and things is circular. How do I remake that in C2?

  • Heres a tutorial youtube.com/watch

    Pretty simple, i was able to follow it an recreate in 20 mins or so.

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  • Following the tutorial, and off the bat I am running into an issue x.x. It seems, C2 wants to have a little space between my sprites. It does not appear in the image editor in C2, it shows it correctly, but in the actual editor, there is a noticleable line that does not end correctly.

    In C2 image editor from photoshop.

    In C2.

    Why is C2 doing this? In the tutorial he doesnt even encounter this problem or acknowledge it.

  • Have you tried turning Pixel Rounding to On?

  • The editor draws things somewhat differently from what you actually see in the browser. If you preview the game, you likely won't see any line.

  • The circle halves need to be an even number in size, 128,256,512 etc. I used the sprite images in the samples the tutorial provides

  • Tekniko where do i do that? A quick search doesn't turn up much info about that. Please explain more.

    linkman2004 Your right, after hours of frustration and seeing your post, I opened it up in preview and theres no line. How strange right? Thank you so much, I was wiggin' out.

    Frostein That was my first thought, I did make sure they were even square sizes, and those lines still appeared in the editor, it must be the way C2 renders? Im nowhere near qualified to really make a statement about that. But your right, always using square numbers prevents problems.

    I am going to mark this as solved. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your help.

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