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  • if you do a pick by uid the one object, and then pick the other, only one is picked, is this correct?

    i would like to have just two objects picked by uid combined in the selected object list

    the objects are different objecttypes, like one is sprite other is spritefont

    i cant use a filtermethod with variables, because the objects are just created

    anyone can help?

  • I haven`t toyed with this for a while but have you tried the UID.X&SpriteFont.X in the field ?(both are examples)..."&" should be the thing. As I said I am just starting up after a long break.

  • De4uman

    problem with that is you have to specify wich objecttype your targetting, so most likely will not work

    does that normally work?, using "&" say you want to pick sprite by uid, can you multiselect instances with the "&" ? , i never used that..

  • anyway, this is related to objects that are only available on top level event, well, objects can still be repicked by uid by running it thru a function, at the same event of creation, so i want my setup of my objects to be done all in my creation function

    the function creates an object and a text object, but somehow my text thats created after (eventorder) my object gets behind my object

    so now im looking for a way thru uid picking to set this textobject behind my object, i have both uid's of the objects

    so best way would be pick thisobject.uid , add thistext.uid to the list and set text on top of object

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  • my initial problem is fixed, the height of the text was somehow hiding my text, and made me think it was behind the object,

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