[solved] How do I choose() from Json Variables

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  • Hi

    I would like to combine choose() with Json. The variables should be in the json database and send to choose().



    it should use something like that (but it's not possible) :


    has somebody experience or tried something like this before??

    thx in advance

  • or is there another possibility to have a weighted average and get the info from a database (json))


    Product 1: 0,0,1,2,0,1,0,2,0,

    Product 2: 0,2,1,0,2,2,0,1,2,0

    with choose(), I can weight it by saying e.g. choose(0,0,1,2). That means there are 50%: 0, 25%: 1, 25%: 1

    but I want to get the information (0,0,1,2) from the database, because I don't need to program extra variables and compares. Right now I get all the information from the database: cost, price, production time, name,... but not how many products could be sold within a day

  • ok, I found a way, which works but it is not nice....

    Maybe somebody has a better idea:


    tokenat(source, position, separator)

    source: is JSON database

    position: the random effect is in the position choose(0,1,2)

    The disadvantage is: that I have always to put the same quantity of numbers in the json value, otherwhise there will be an error (no number or it won't be choosen).

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  • A more general solution to your issue would be this:

    tokenat(JSON.Value(0, 1, "Test"), floor(random(tokencount(JSON.Value(0, 1, "Test"), ","))),",")[/code:1vnqgw5v]
    Which will pick a random token no matter how many tokens you have, so long as you have at least 1 token.
  • thx, this is the final solution for my Problem.

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