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  • Hello,

    How do I change window start position or add margins for objects to be created on left side of layout?


    I am attempting to have multiple objects (with bullet behavior) move across the screen, some from left side and some from right side. I have given them the behavior to destroy outside of layout, this is necessary because there will be many objects of this type and memory will be an issue.

    My main problem is that the starting window position is always the most top left position of the layout and this leads to the left objects being instantly destroyed prior to moving across the screen.

    I need any of the following:

    • changes the starting position of the window away from the most top left position (preferred),
    • add a margin to the layout where "destroy outside of layout" feature will allow objects to spawn correctly,
    • create a global change to destroy object behavior to "destroy at x passed layout", or
    • remove "destroy object outside of layout" behavior and replace with event "when outside of layout".

    (options listed in order of preference).

    Here is a similar thread I found dealing with the same problem, but I did not want to bump it:

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  • URL was deleted because of my reputation points. Search the following for the referenced link:

    "how do I change window start position"

  • You can use one of the "scroll to" actions or behavior to scroll to any part of the layout.

  • Excellent, thanks!

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