[SOLVED] How do I change particles sprite?

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  • hi im using the particle object

    it is possible to use differents sprites for the particle object?

    or im stuck with one sprite?

    i would like to make falling coins when the player win!

  • You can double click on the particle object to open the image editor like you do with a sprite. You can then open/import any image and use that.

  • that i know, i was asking if its possible to use differents pictures "sprite" of my 3D coin, to be clear i have 8 frams and want to use those 8 frames...

  • I don't think so, particle object is more about applying an effect to a single image. You will just have to create an animation in the normal way using the sprite object.

  • i rendered 100 frames in 3ds max, of my falling coins in 1920x1080 (game resolution), so for a sprite its too huge to load, the game is for android.

    so i have to make the falling coins working but not so heavy.

    so now i rendered 3d coins in different angles, but i need inside construct 2 making them falling from the top screen

  • I know how to make a single coin image fall from the top of the screen using the particle object but it would just be a single frame. You could potentially move a coin sprite object down the screen as it is animating?

  • actually i have the falling coins, but its just one picture, thats the problem i need to have differents views of the falling coin

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  • for now i duplicated the particle object 4 times and each one has a different picture of the coins...it works but it's not really pro.

  • solved, in fact whe can use multiples sprites with particle object i found this tutorial it works perfectly

    And here its my construct 2 particles with animated sprites

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