(SOLVED!) How do I Catch an object?

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  • Ok, I've looked but this one escapes me... Here is the set up. I have a character that moves left to right and when he does move he puts his hands up to catch objects coming from the sky.

    How do I make it so when the object touches his hands only it sticks to his hands until I want to drop the object.

    I've tried PIN, on create, spawn another object, none of these (If I'm doing them right) give that effect.

    I need the object to stay in/on his hands even when he flips left to right until I want him to drop it.

    Catch, Carry, Drop...

    Thank you in advance...

    Update. I played around with it and realized I had it set to on collision but it needed to be on overlap and now the object stays in the hands of the player now I just need to come up with a release method but this is good thank you.


  • Sounds like you would test if the falling objects have collided with his hands. On collision, you would then continually set the position of the object to the position of the hands.

  • object from sky collide with you than object from sky destroy, spawn object from sky

    not sure this word or not


    object from sky is bullet, when collide with you, bullet speed 0 and pin

  • foohoa,

    Thanks you for your response.

    Ok here is what I tried and it's almost working.

    I added an image point to the player's hands and set it to if the object touches player move object to image point.

    However it will not stick so how do I make it stay on the image point no matter which way the player moves until I want it to drop the object?





    Thank you so much

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  • ALLMarkMade

    I don't see why it would move away.

    Can you post a .capx?

  • I had it set to collision so when the collision happened it stuck but after that it dropped, but once I changed it to on overlap it's sticking like glue....

    I'm not trying to figure out how to press a button and make it release from the image point and drop to the ground now.


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