[Solved] Carry some events across multiple sheets?

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  • Hiya

    I am creating a level based game. I don't want to clone the (rather complex) interaction/touch events into each level's event sheet because that would mean I have to maintain code in many places going forwards - a logistical nightmare as any coder knows.

    ..Nor do I want each level to share one event sheet as it just isn't practical due to different game modes, tutorials, and different objects and backdrops to handle as the levels progress.

    Is there any way at all that I can have some code be re-usable in all event sheets? I already have the code in question grouped up into an "interaction" group.

  • Put events in separate event sheet, right click on event sheet you want the events to appear in, and choose "Include event sheet".

  • Aha smashing! Is that a relatively new addition or have I been blind all this time?

  • Aha smashing! Is that a relatively new addition or have I been blind all this time?

    I think it has been there for quite a while, not implying anything about your vision! :)

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  • Yes its a great Feature....

    I tend to break down all my events into systems

    so for each system in the game ..like

    player controls

    enemy ai

    music systems

    level generation

    HUD events

    Camera controls


    they all go on their own event sheet

    it makes it soooo much easier to read and find where problems are..when debugging because then the debugger tells you exactly where the bug is happy joy

    Build robust systems from well planned events and you have epic WIN

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