[Solved] Car behaviour like Steer on Speed 0 and Drift

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  • 1- *Control P1 + Car Movement

    Is correct? Is how to have to be done or can be done more simply?

    2- *Steer Always, even with 0 speed

    I want to give the possibility to rotate the car even with 0 speed. I tried it using On press X->Set angle of car.angle+1. But after that for some reason i lose the "drift recover" behaviour. I tried other things like rotate clockwise, towards angle... but nothing works, all the same result.

    3- *Car Effects

    Drift signals only while the car is recovering from drift. I have set the "drift recover" to 80, but always is 80, how can i check that when is 0 or 80 deactivate the creation of the drift effect? How can i check when the car is really drifting?

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  • Well, I achieved the Drift problem using:

    Speed is > 150

    Player.Car.MovinAngle Different from Player.Angle --> Make drift signal


    But still i can't achieve how rotate the car when speed is 0 without affect to the drift behaviour. Anyone?

    Edit2: Well, finally solved the things myself.

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