SOLVED-Can't get IAP working for iOS in CocoonJS.

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  • IAP works fine for google play, but isn't working for iOS using the cocoonjs plugin.

    Anybody have any ideas?

  • So I downloaded the capx found here -> ... -2-project

    Then configured the product id to match my own. Built it and that also doesnt work.

    So I assume I have to do something with apple? I have put my secret id into cocoonjs, In-App Purchase has been added to my app id, but is there anything else? Do I need a test user?

    Please help.

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  • Nevermind... I am a tard. The tickbox for apple store services wasnt ticked. Arghhhhhhh....

  • May I ask which product type do you choose on Google Play? Can people purchase your product multiple times? Thanks.

  • Wai There are three types.

    Managed products - Managed items that can be purchased only once per user account on Google Play. Google play permanently stores the transaction information for each item on a per-user basis.

    Unmanaged products - Unmanaged products are not managed by Google Play. You are responsible for managing the transaction information and cannot query Google Play to retrieve transaction information.

    Subscription - Subscriptions let you sell content, services, or features in your app with automated, recurring billing.

    I have a 'managed product', so it can only be bought once. So you would need an unmanaged product to sell it multiple times.

  • TheWyrm Thanks for your reply. I read something like Google is changing unmanaged product to consumable managed product, do you know how this will affect us? I have tried to list a product as unmanaged product, did the purchase(Google charged my credit card), but the "On product purchased complete" event did not trigger... Managed product seems to work fine, but I did not try purchasing it multiple times. BTW, even when sandbox mode is enabled, Google is still charging me for purchasing the product...

  • Wai I don't know how it will affect us, but as a guess they are just changing the term to match Apples terminology. I haven't tried using unmanaged yet. I also think I was charged during my test.

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