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  • Hi

    Is it possible to start game B from within a game A.

    Then when the player quits game B he automatically goes back to game A.

    I want to build a Arcade environment to launch my games and/or switch between them.

    If it is not possible with construct 2 can u then point me in the right direction?

    Im exporting to NodeWebkit

    Kind Regards.

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  • When you say "automatically goes back" that could mean one of two things ; do you go back to the position in the game you are already in, or do you go back and restart the game ; which do you mean ?

  • Good Question paulscottrobson

    It means this.

    Game A = Arcade environment (its a menu to choose which game to play)

    Game B = any game made with construct 2

    Player chooses a game in the Arcade Environment (Game A) and presses play.

    The Arcade Environment loads the game (which is a external game).

    Player plays that game for a while and quits that game.

    Player is automatically thrown back into the Arcade environment so he can choose a different game to play.

    Hope this explanation makes better sense.

  • Ok, i looked deeper into the NW.js Object and it works.

    U can run a executable from within a game.

    And it does not quit the game already running.

    So in my case its perfect, the player always goes back into the arcade

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