[Solved] How do I use blend modes?

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    I'm very confused.

    I have a layer with effects on it (sprites with multiply effect), but I need a way of "masking" where the effects are, either by saying where the effects can be, or a way of subtracting from the effects.

    In my capx, I have two layers. One is for objects, the other overlays effects. What I had hoped to do, and what didn't work, was to set the mask to Destination out, which in theory would subtract from the rest of the layer. The problem is it also subtracts from everything else in the layout. I've tried setting 'force own texture', but it of course only works when the layer is not transparent, which is really quite important.

    Anyone know how to get around this?

    Link to capx

    [Google Drive]

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  • Is there a particular reason you can't put it on the same layer (set to 'force own texture'--this is required) with the Source Atop blend mode? Like this?. Of course this means you should make a separate background layer, but that would be a good practice anyways.

  • C-7 Thanks for the help!

    It's a lot closer to what I was looking for, but it's still not quite perfect, since I wouldn't be able to overlap them.

    (Very late edit: since I was trying to keep the effects on the same layer.)

    But! I got it!

    Using your method of Source Atop on the mask instead of the object, the mask obscures the effect behind.

    Like this:


    [Google Drive]


    • Mask is now white
    • Effect layer is set to force own texture
    • Effect layer has the multiply effect
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