[solved] How do I make my app send notification on phone ?

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  • Hi,

    I'm not a native so my english may not be perfect ;p

    So ... i am a student on neuroscience and i have to make an android (and apple if is it possible) app that remind people to take a deep breathe every hour. To do that i need my app to send a notification or even better to launch itself every 60 minutes (on regular day), then show a picture and send a feedback to a server.

    I can easily handle the image part and the send small data part.

    To be more specific : i need to know (factually) how send notification even when the app is close or even better i need to do a clock alarm like app.

    I've seen that some (relatively) expensive pluggin already exist with phone gap... i am ready to buy one if it can help me, but with no complete tutorial it will be pointless.

    This one seems interesting but i don't understand that much how it work :

    Thank you for any constructive help !

  • have you tried cranberrygame phone gap plugins?

    I haven't personally tried it but i heard it works.

    (personally speaking, i think many people should have a look at the page before posting a question as cranberrygame seems to be solving half the problems )

  • midward

    If you want to make a clock-alarm-like app, then you can use local notication plugin. (Phonegap LocalNotification)

    I guess you need not push notification but local notification plugin.

    (PhoneGap Manual PushPlugin is push notification plugin.)




  • cranberrygame

    Indeed cranberry this seems to be what i need, the paymend is done (der*****@car*****.com).

    However still 6 Bucks, i hope this will work in my case. i'll make a quick review here for all who will get here in the future with same question.

    Thanks, both of you, for your reply

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  • midward

    Got your paymemt and sent PM


  • I will write some commentary as i discover the plugin(s)

    So i've get the full package from

    Indeed the plugins were delivered in really less than 24h and generally it feel like cranberry is a nice man.

    I received a link to the personnal page of the seller and my first tought was "many many things in here".

    For now i have the folder contening the pluggin, a small tutorial (too small for me, much more than elsewhere). so to use my notification pluggin i have to respect few step, i come back from university in 2-3 hours. More feedback will be send at this moment.

  • Allright : it is way more easier than i tought. This was not a tutorial but a cool text that tell us everything that is implemented.

    So i have copy past the plug in the pluggin folder of c2 and it work as fine that i hope.

    now i just hope for little improvement like choosing what sound is played and maybe little vibration to be sense in the subject pocket. But it work fine !

    Best deal i've made this month (so far).

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