(SOLVED) How do I Add Bonus Points

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  • Ok, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong as I thought this would be fairly simple.

    I want to add bonus points when time runs out if you have no penalties.

    I have a var called No Penalties and I have it set in the time over group so when times runs out it activates the time over group and in it I have.

    System compare VAR - NO PENALTIES = 0 Action - add 10 to high score. So at the end of the timer it checks to see if the Penalty var is still 0 and if so add 10 bonus points to the high scare var. (At least that's what I want.)

    But when I do the the score just keeps running none stop adding numbers or just not at all.

    I'm missing something...

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    I had to use Global Vars and everything works great now.

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  • i not sure am i answering the correct answer, maybe you can add this = [trigger once while true] to solve the none stop adding numbers problem.

  • I got it thanks... Global Variables were the answer.

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