[SOLVED] How do I add AdMob ads?

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  • I followed the manual's description about including AdMob ads into my game, but the banner is not showing up.

    Here are the steps I did:

    • I created an AdMob account (3-4 days ago).
    • I added the AdMob object to my project.
    • I got a banner id from AdMob which I pasted into the AdMob object's properties.
    • On the event sheet upon the start of the layout I preload the banner and when it is ready I set it to display it as a smart banner at the bottom center position.

    I test my game in Chrome (both on PC and Android), yet the banner is still not showing up.

    Can you help me what could be the issue?

  • It won't show up in preview. You have to export the project for android with cocoonjs or xdk and then install the app on you device.

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  • Oh, I see. Then if I want to test the ads, I have to export an .apk file with XDK. Then when everything is ready, before publishing, I have to set the Test mode to False in the AdMob object properties. If I guess right.

    Thank you for the information.

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