*SOLVED* Abrupt Camera Movement

  • I'm making a continuous side scroller, but rather than actually scrolling, I would like the camera to make hard transitions. That is, rather than moving smoothly sideways, I would like the camera to remain stationary, and then when the player exits to the right, the camera to jump, without scrolling, to the next section of the layout. So no apparent camera movement, just abrupt changes from one place to the next.

    I already tried doing this by making multiple layouts so that when the player exits one, they move to the next. The problem is that this breaks the flow of player movement with the load time, and because the player will always spawn in the same place in the new layout rather than following the arc of a leap from one layout to the next.

    If anyone has any suggests, I would be really grateful. Thanks!

  • Here is one simple way to do it:

    Camera movement

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  • Thanks! That's exactly what I needed!

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