How do I SOLVE the TERRIBLE LAG under Intel XDK??

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  • Another Constructor and I already tested imothep85 game on our mobile devices.

    Although the game has changed, you can look at our feedback on the current game that is being discussed. The performance on our mobile devices via the Chrome browser was smooth. Why does it lag with Intel XDK, though?

  • My game is working now when I build it for Android (Crosswalk)!!!

    When I builded it for Android only it lagged like hell, no matter what I did.

    Now it's 100% smooth and fully functionable!

  • Silly question, mostly because I'm not totally familiar with this compile cycle, but are any of these problematic devices running ARM processors? ARM is generally the more prevalent in mobile devices.

    [quote:2l2bcnwq]For Android, ARM is the de-facto standard and this leads to a problem for Intel and MIPS. Although Android uses Java as its principle programming language, it also allows programmers to take their existing code (in C or C++, for example) and create apps. These “native” apps are generally compiled for ARM processors and not always for Intel or MIPS. To get around this Intel and MIPS need to use special translation software which converts the ARM instructions into code for their processors. This of course impacts performance.

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  • In the build zip "crosswalk for android" you have two apk inside, one for the ARM processor devices, and one for the x86, then when the user visit the paystore google, the device install the right apk.

  • For Crosswalk performance problems when built with the Intel XDK, please see this FAQ > ... animatable

  • im working on my game and exported app with cordova for android, "jelly bean" for a samsung galaxy trends lite, when imported in intel xdk and compiled to crosswalk android, i load the apk to my mobile, after the install, when i start the game BAAAAAAAM terrible LAG impossible to play i have 1 sprite, a background tiled and moving platform + 1 score

    I would like to know if someone solved the SLOOOW problem under Intel XDK because actually with construct 2 it's impossible, OR you have to buy a very expensive mobile.


    have u find the solution for this issue? i kinda have the same problem..

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