How do I SOLVE the TERRIBLE LAG under Intel XDK??

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  • no under the differents browser on my PC windows 7, is really fluid i have no problem at all, my problem come when i export witth cordova, and after inside intel xdk i compile to crosswal android.

    my game has just 1 level with 1 sprite, and just moving platform, how this is possible?

    i mean when you look at some games 1gb in size hundred of ennemies the game stay very very fluid, no lag at all,

    in my little game 800x480px with 1 sprite and moving platforms its terrible sloow.

  • i tested right now a game under my android with dozens of ennemies (shoot em up) and its very very fluid, MY construct 2 game, 1 sprite, moving platforms LAG like a turtle!!!

  • I once tested a Ferrari and it went way faster than my bicycle..

    Not fair!!

    By the way, Ashley asked a question you forgot to answer:

    "Is the performance the same in the Chrome browser on the device?

    What does it say if you browse to chrome://gpu in the Chrome browser on the device?"

    You did answer what the program did on your windows pc, but not on the device..

  • i have under PROBLEMS DETECTED:

    Blacklist GPU raster/canvas on all exept known good GPUs and newer Android release: 362779,424970 Blacklist GPU: Disabled feature: gpu_rasterization, accelerated_2d_canvas

    Graphics feature status: Canvas: software only, hardware acceleration unavailable

    WebGl: disabled

  • tested right now the game "STRIKERS 1945-2" its VERY fluid, event when the screen has a HUGE boss, explosions and lot of ennemies, but my game, no, it lags

  • What you can try, if this is really a problem with the GPU-Rendering. Enable in the development options of your Android-Device 'Force GPU Rendering'.

    If you don't have the development options enabled do this:

    To access these settings, open the Developer options in the system Settings. On Android 4.2 and higher, the Developer options screen is hidden by default. To make it visible, go to Settings > About phone and tap Build number seven times. Return to the previous screen to find Developer options at the bottom.

    You do this all at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any damage!

  • yeah i have done that before its activated

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  • tested right now the game "STRIKERS 1945-2" its VERY fluid, event when the screen has a HUGE boss, explosions and lot of ennemies, but my game, no, it lags

    Unless you are saying this game was made with Construct2 and/or runs on Javascript/Html5 I don't really get the point..

  • i just compare my game 'done in construct 2) with 1 moving sprite LAG TO DEATH and that game i downloaded who is VERY fluid with dozen of sprites at the same time.

  • yeah i have done that before its activated

    That's strange, have you tested your Game with Chrome on Android?

    Is it slow as the apk?

    If yes, and you haven't done it yet type in the URL chrome://flags, then activate 'Override software rendering list'

    Now restart Chrome with the Button on the bottom. After that look with chrome://gpu if webgl activated and try your game in Chrome

  • What are the system specs of the device you are testing on?

    I have a tablet, and it will NOT run construct 2 games because the hardware is too lame, and outdated.

    Have you tried it on a different device? Even if the hardware looks like it will support it, you may have a bunch of crap installed and running in the background.

  • what im doing atually with my app is i compile the apk with intel xk to croswalk adnroid, then i savec the apk on my computer and then i copy that apk to the android.

    But if you read now the construct 2 forums others people have the same problem, SLOOOOW running apps compiled with intel xdk

  • TheGameDoctor

    If you want to help, that's fine, but making the suggestion of deleting Events is a ridiculous suggestion.

    Please try to only post helpful sugggestions.

    Sorry I was kind of stupid when I posted that, and did not realize that that was a spam post

  • Hey all, I'm having the same problem..

    I even created a test project with only 1 background, 1 sprite with platform behavior and 5 solid sprites... and it lags!

    I'm testing on three different android mobile phones and all are able to run games like doodle jump and others 100% smooth, but whatever I export using Cordova and build using Intel XDK lags like hell...

    Nobody got a solution? :/

    Kind regards.

  • Are you able to provide a capx? I compile on this platform and I have no problems.

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