How do I solve this stutering problem with Moving Platforms?

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  • Hi i want to make moving platforms, for this i use the sine behavior, but when i get on top of the platforms the player doesnt move fluid(ly?), it stutters. I upload the capx so you can see yourself. Please i need help!

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  • I notice you made that in the latest beta build (r179) and I'm running stable r178. Have you tried in the stable r178 build in case there's issues in the beta program itself? If you can do that and still have issues, resubmit the .capx and I'll take a quick gander and see if I can try to find what's going wrong, .

  • Yes is the same in the stable r178. Here is the .capx

  • In your project properties (get there by clicking on a blank area of the screen then look in properties window), put PIXEL ROUNDING to off and it should fix the jittering.

  • But with Pixel Rounding set to off there are weird graphical glitches using TileMaps =S

  • sachos345 I've fixed your issue, turn Pixel Rounding off and the stuttering stops. I'm guessing the ScrollTo uses precise measurement, meaning if your player X is 295.5324234 it will try to move there, but with rounding on it's changed to 296, so it stutters between the two. I also removed bbox because it wasn't needed, at least from what I understand you were trying to do.

    Let me know if you need any more help, . Time to keep working on my game! That was a fun challenge for an hour, ha ha!

  • Thanks inquiesco, but the thing is, i have the problem in a much larger game i just used this capx as an example. Im using TileMap object, TileMap needs to have Pixel Rounding set to on, otherwise weird graphic glitches start to happen, like lines inbetween the tiles.

    I already guessed it was the Pixel Rounding as you said, the problem is, it cant be turned off =S

    Go work in your game man, no problem, thanks for the help! I had an idea while i was in the bathroom, so, gonna try that lol

  • sachos345 Well, I've fixed it with Pixel Rounding on, . Take a look at the .capx and let me know if it works well enough for you. Also added the Bound to layout behaviour on the Player object so it won't fall off the left edge. If the camera is too high for you, move the cameraObj object down towards where the player's feet would be and you'll see the ground.

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