How do i solve when sprite animation can fall thru a solid

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  • Hello sir, it might seems a little bit weird for you but i have some problem here. Actually i didn't know why this happen.

    But i have a sprite(player) that move left on a platform (board). When i didn't apply any animation to player, if the player move, it just fine and nothing strange happen. But when i apply an animation to player, if the player move it gonna fall from the board where player stand to the board below (board is solid object).

    How to solve this sir? how i can setting the animation to not falling thru the solid object? Please help me sir.

    In case you need my capx, here is it :

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  • Neat game. One thing you need to add is keyboard controls too if you plan on ever putting it on a web browser or Construct2 arcade. Just add keyboard object, right click your touch conditions and add the appropriate arrow key then right click the tiny space to the left of one of the conditions and choose "make -OR- block"

    I finally got it to do what your were referring to, it doesn't do it all the time.

    Most likely this is being caused by one of the animation frames not having a collison bound setup.

    My recommendation is to make a player control sprite that is set to invisible, all your movement options, collisons, and damage options etc should use this invisible sprite. Then pin your actual player graphic sprite that has animations to this invisible sprite. Now you don't have to worry about animation frame collisions since all this is being handled behind the "graphics". It also makes tweaking collision bounds soo much easier since you only have to do it once!

  • Hemmh, well sir i never think that idea. But it's great. I'll try to implement it.

  • Using an invisible object for platform collision is a common practice, and often recommended since it will never change in shape or collision bounding box - it just makes life a little easier and consistent.


  • Yes sir, it's fully work now. Thanks...

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