How do I solve problem with created apk XDK.

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  • Hello, please, I'm trying for several hours to create an apk to install on my 6s galaxy android 5.1) but I have problems and I don't know the reason.

    I'm exporting to Cordova, then I import in XDK and put all the data version and everything else.

    I do not want to sign the application, so do not do tick in "signed".

    When I try to install the apk, android says: there was a problem parsing the package

    I read this but did not help me ... alk/page-6

    These are the steps I follow:






    Any idea?.

  • , the cause is that you did not sign the APK. You always need to sign the apk for it to work on devices.

    Btw. It is better if IntelXDK signs your APK for you than doing it manually if you are using Construct 2 Cordova Crosswalk. Since you are not making your game through Android Studio which has a 100% working APK Sign Tool then there is a high chance your apk will not be accepted by GooglePlay even with the APK Signer Tool (which is not working anymore). Unless you are familiar with the command prompt to sign your apk that way, you should let Intel XDK sign your apk and you can just download yout Keystore later.

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  • But I will not sign it , it's just for testing, I will not upload it to google play .

  • But I will not sign it , it's just for testing, I will not upload it to google play .

    Either way, you still need to sign it for it to work on an android device. Since it is only for testing, no harm done if you sign it with a dummy IntelXDK account. And if you decide to publish it, then you can make a real account for your exporting.

  • Hello, I already solved signing the apk, now there are other problems with admob but investigate later, thanks for the help.

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