How to solve this physics joint problem?

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  • Hi Guys

    hopefully somebody can help me and explain to me with this problem with physics joint. Okay first i am creating this character that can interact with the objects around so far everything when well and i am going to add some emotion on the character when some objects hit him on the head. so i add animation on the head sprite, But the result when the object hit the character the head when off from the body the physics r evolute joint or sometime suddenly the head is gone when the object hit on the head. but if i take out the animation everything is fine again. looking forward for your help! thank you

    PS: sorry for my bad English :)

    this is the link screen shots :

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  • There is two set animation action on when hit. Maybe you remove set animation to normal and instead make new condition when animation pain finished set animation to normal.

    Not sure but it seems changing animations on physics objects may cause some odd stuff to happen. Is collision polygon same on both animations.

  • Hi Katala

    Thank you for your replay and i already tested the way you told me but still having the same problem, when i put the condition and the action set to animation or set frame " beginning " or " current frame" still having the same problem. is there anyway to fix this problem?

    thank you for your help


  • As said before, just double check that the collision polygon and origin are the same on all frames. Changes in animations can wreak havoc in physics.

  • Hi Colludium.

    i already checked the collision polygon and origin all apply the same animations and same origins. but still having a problem.Thax for your reply cheers. still trying to solve this problem.

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