How do I solve this math calculation?

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  • Hey everybody,

    I have a bit different problem. I made an experiment for my upcoming game. I wanted to create chain between 2 objects. Also, I wanted that the amount of chains is adjustable AND chains are divided in equal distance between two objects. I hope that makes sense.

    Here is a screenshot what I'm talking about:

    Problem is, I don't understand how the math works in the event. Odd, ehh? I can create something but I don't understand it.

    Here is a screenshot from my code:

    I'm referencing to line 3 and precisely this: chain: set lerpNB to ---> (1 / StartSprite.chainAmount) * loopindex

    Here is capx -file if somebody want to check the code in Construct2.


    I think everybody knows that first you need to understand the problem, before you can solve the problem. I can understand both but I can't understand why results works. In particular in this case.

    So, if somebody could explain to me why my code (line 3) is working, I would really appreciate it.

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  • That line just makes a faction for each chain. So if there are three links then the fractions would be:

        ^    ^    ^
       1/3  2/3  3/3[/code:33u2zxe7]
    Then that fraction is used later with the lerp to position the links.
    I'd just do this instead to do the chains.  In a way it's more straightforward.
    [code:33u2zxe7]every tick
    --- destroy chain
    for each startSprite
    endsprite: id =
    repeat startsprite.chainAmount times
    --- create chain at (0,0)
    --- chain: set x to lerp(startsprite.x, endsprite.x, loopindex/(startsprite.chainAmount+1))
    --- chain: set y to lerp(startsprite.y, endsprite.y, loopindex/(startsprite.chainAmount+1))
    --- chain: set angle to angle(startsprite.x, startsprite.y, endsprite.x, endsprite.y)[/code:33u2zxe7]
  • R0J0hound, thank you for your quick reply

    Yes, your method is much more simpler and easier to follow. I just learned something new, again ^^

    I found a bit difference how the chain pieces are positioned between startsprite and endsprite comparing to my method and your method. Here are the screenshots:

    my method

    your method

    I was wondering, what is causing this? Maybe something to do with the --- loopindex/(startsprite.chainAmount + 1)) ---part?

  • Yeah, I forgot to test it.

    I meant to use:

    (loopindex+1)/(startsprite.chainAmount + 1)

    The idea was to only have links between and not on the ends.

    You can make it just like yours if you do:


  • Nice! That was also one of the points to have in the chain creation but I forgot to wrote about it. So your method is actually what I was looking for ^^ Thank you so much for your help!

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