How Do I solve Ladder and Teleportation functionality issues

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  • --capx file in attachement--

    hey guys,

    I have been working on a platformer for quite a while now, its coming along quite nicely, however I have stumbled onto two

    bugs/problems I don't know how to solve. Its been driving me pretty nuts.

    QUICK NOTE: the tp mechanic works so: you click the mouse inside the grey/green rectangle to teleport to that location.

    Im working on a game with a teleportation mechanic. I'm pretty happy with the mechanic I've come up with though its far from perfect.

    In the capx you'll also notice that I'm using the ladder-functionality from this guide: ... form-games

    Now here are my two problems:

    1) when I'm overlapping with the ladder and I press Jump (Ctrl in this case), the ladder works as a slingshot and fires my player-object upwards. Is there a convenient way for my character to jump normally when overlapping with the ladder?

    2) If you climb the ladder and walk onto the platform next to it, you'll see a second ladder suspended in the air. The ladder is out of reach of the Teleportation-Bubble (this is a good simulation of multiple encounters you'll face in the game)

    The idea here is to jump, then teleport in the air to grab the ladder.

    If you do this in the split second it takes for the player to jump UP, then you are fine.

    HOWEVER, in most cases people will teleport while falling down.

    This causes 2 problems:

    -when teleporting on the ladder, the downwards momentum does not stop, and you immediately fall of.

    -if you do manage to press the up-arrow in time to stay on the ladder, the downwards momentum still makes it so you can't go up,

    but merely stay in the same place or even drop down a bit.

    Questions: How do I make it so my player doesnt fall down once I click for teleportation in mid air?

    And how do I make sure that the player sticks to the ladder with 0 gravity when teleporting on it?

    Any help is much appreciated <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" />

  • Any ideas anyone?

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  • Well, here's a ladder solution I put together for another poster; you might find it useful: ... .capx?dl=0

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