How do i solve ios crashing problems

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  • Hey guys!

    Ive got a problem, which only happens on Apple Devices - Ive created a html5 game which is uploaded to a server. on each device the game runs fine (Desktop PC, Android Devices) -but if iam using my apple tablet it crashes down with this message which appears in a seperate tab: "The website couldnt be loaded because of a problem". After this message the game reloads automatically.

    Can someone tell me whats the problem? Or does someone had this experiance too? The game is 50 MB large - Could this cause the problem?

    IPad specification:

    iPad MINI MD529FD/A

    RAM: 512 MB

    Processor: ARM Cortex-A Series A9 / 800 - 2000 MHz

    Grafic: PowerVR SGX 543MP2

    (So basically not the newest device)

    Thank you very much!

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