How do I Solve go to layout drop fps ?

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  • Hi friends!

    I have a problem when i restart a layout again....

    I can play the level entirely without any problems, when the player die and the game go to the Title layout, here i have to press the start button to restart the first level, so when the game go to the level 1 here the fps go down drastically without any reason (for me of course!). I see also that some sprite in the main layer go crazy!

  • I see also another problem that maybe is related to the previous :

    If i set the layer 10 to invisible on the event sheet of the Title Menu that has only 4 layers, my last layer (3rd) disappear.

    It's something strange, it is as if there's a problem with the layer overlap!

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  • If i simple restart the layout everything go without problems, but if i set Go to layer Start (Title menu) and then i start a new game, i have the fps problem, cpu usage at 90%, layers and object go crazy!

  • I see also that the poly checks/sec has increased enormously from 12000 when the layer start for the first time, to 150000-160000 when it was restarted.

    Any advices ?

  • I solved making the Title menu on the same layout..... but i think it's not correct doing this.

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