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  • hey , i have built my own in-app keyboard because i hade a problem with the standard keyboard resizing my app and i don't want that to happen, besides it looks better with a own themed keyboard that fits the app theme.

    so my problem is : i want to prevent the default keyboard from showing when the textbox is in focus i can do that by

    changing the text box to Read-only that works, but that doesn't allow the user to copy, past , set the caret to a specifique position to add or delete a word.

    is there any solution to my problem ?

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  • If you are making your own keyboard, why use a textbox field?

    Maybe you should try just show the characters that are being typed on a text obj but not a textfield. Adding characters to a variable string.

  • you could just make a white box sprite that looks like a text box, and simply add text to a text object to fake it.

  • Just what I said.

  • thank you for the reply, let me be more specefique , i making a chat application , and chatter need all the features in textbox like changing the cursor position to correct a mistake , and need to copy and pas some text and links... you know , so i need the options that textbox gives.

  • You can not use the form control to do that.

    You must calculate and insert the cursor and highlighting yourself. The only other way is to build a keyboard in java for android as a separate app.

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