Solitaire game with Construct 2

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  • html5 solitaire game maker game link

    I know Construct 2 can create almost any type off 2d game.But my question is this. How difficult is it to create a game like this with cs2? . Do i need to know how to use advanced events in order to create a game like this or can this be done without extensive knowledge off construct 2.

    Are there any tutorials on how to do a solitaire game with construct 2?.I am not that good when it comes to complicated maths and arrays.So what would be the easiest approach for me to make a game like this.Any tips and suggestions would be most welcome.

  • anyone got some answers to this?

  • bump

  • Guess there's no easy answer to this one.Oh well.

  • Really?? Cmon there must be someone who knows a bit on how to do this.

  • Nevermind i will switch over to game maker studio to do this.

  • You'll need to learn arrays. I can try and see what I can come up with later but feeling a tad rough right now.

  • Nobody's going to build the game for you. I'm not sure why nobody told you that it can be done, but it absolutely can <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />.

    procrastinator is correct, you will probably need to know a little about arrays.

    (Also, it's not really polite to bump more than once a day. Give people a little time to get here <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> )

  • Yeah, as well as letting people get over their hangovers eh! ;)

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  • Ok first off ,I never asked anyone to make the game for me <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> I just wanted to know what the difficulty level is for creating a game like this with construct 2.Like do i have to use arrays, physics or maths to solve certain problems.I will never ASK someone to make a game for me ever. Everything i do i do by myself gfx ,sound fx etc...I just wanted some opinions but clearly i have been misunderstood once again.Must be from too many hangovers that certain people still have<img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    If i ask for someone to "make"the game for me I will ask them straight on and then we could work out a payment off some sort.I am still learning these advanced event's and usually the best thing to do is to ask someone for help or just for an opinion.But not here ,Oh no.If i ask for help then i am asking for someone to make the game for me.

    So i wont ask any questions or ask for help any more seeing that i am such a leech according to some people.Watch out game maker , unity , The leech is moving on over to your side. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • You'll definitely need arrays. Maths, well not sure about the maths behind it, but you can easily find tutorials / source code for solitaire games.

    Yes arrays can be frightening at first, but surely after all these years they shouldn't be scaring you off so much? I do remember you from the CC days ;)

    The only way to truly learn arrays is by trying stuff using them.

    Simplest way I can think of to learn them is using a 1D array to store hiscores or names, since you'll need to implement sorting. If you can sort through an array, then you can easily shuffle a deck of cards stored in an array.

    I'd say a solitaire game would be quite advanced. Don't you have to place them a certain way so that it's not impossible to win? Never attempted it as it never interested me, and I usually don't know the best way to go about things unless I try it.

  • I am familiar with arrays for puzzle games and i can do the shuffling decks thing , It's that placement thing which gives me a headache.I suppose i could use some variables or booleans to sort the order of the cards in a way.Maybe i am just overworked , 21 hours straight doing fine art on a car for a local racing game can be quite exhausting.

    at least i got 3 hours off sleep <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I've played some solitaire games in the past and sometimes I couldn't win, sometimes I could. Not sure if the placement was random or what, but it won't hurt to just use random placement and go from there. Once you get the placement in, it'll be easy to change it up using an algorithm which allows strategic placement. You just need to get the basic framework going.

    As I said, when the mood takes me, I'll have a bash at something as it is something I've often thought about, but never attempted.

  • It shouldn't be too difficult. I'd agree that you'd want to start with a random order. Other than that from what I'd know you'd have to make some simple array operations. The staggering of the cards will be interesting to figure out but it is certainly not impossible. Just a bit brain bending ;)

  • I can work it out without array I think, but it would be a real pain (tonnes of conditions)

    I think a good start is to have a kind of conversion table.

    cardConversion.At(0,0) = "ace"
    cardConversion.At(0,1) = "hearts"
    cardConversion.At(1,0) = "ace"
    cardConversion.At(1,1) = "diamonds"
    cardConversion.At(52,0) = "king"
    cardConversion.At(52,1) = "spades"

    What would you use that for?

    Well the idea is that you would have all the card images in 52 frames of a card sprite in exactly the same order.

    And thanks to this cardConversion array you'll be able to know the rank of the suit of any given card through it's animation frame.

    cardConversion.At(card.AnimationFrame,0) will give you the rank of the card

    cardConversion.At(card.AnimationFrame,1) will give you the suit of the card

    Now you can just lay down the starting position of the cards in the layout.

    And you'll just have to find a way to randomize the animation frame of each card without duplication.

    But it might become a pain to maintain the deck itself.

    So maybe yeah, an array just for the shuffling of every cards,

    Then you distribute the card in this shuffled array by changing the frame of the cards laid out, and deleting the value in the array each time (with the delete function so your array shrinks at the same time) and then you'll be left with your randomized starting cards plus a cool deck array to cycle in (:

    Then it's just a matter of coding the rules of the game.

    like if you drop a card on a given column, check that the rank or the last card of the column (highest Y position)is the current card's rank + 1 and that the suit is the other color (you can try another kind of conversion table to answer this question or work it out with just conditions)

    Then valid the move or not.

    Same kind of thing to move the card on the 4 suit slots on the top right.

    So yeah you'll need array and some bits of good knowledges of C2, but no complex math (:

    So yeah good luck

    (An yeah, power bumping makes you look like a jerk, and also often makes people not willing to answer you... So be carefull)

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