Solids going through solids

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  • Ok,this is probably a newb question but I cant seem to figure it out.So here goes,How can I make a sprite with the behaviors of solid and Drag-drop not go through any of my other solid blocks

  • Could you give us a bit more information on what you are trying to do? Although I don't think solid and drag and drop are meant to work together in the way you seem to think, there are several options that might work. Which one is best depends on what you want to do -- what kind of game, what other kind of objects are in the game, etc.

  • I'm trying to make a platform game that you have to control blocks to get to the end and stuff like that. I'm using sprites that look like a wood block and some that look like metal blocks. The metal isn't suppose to move and is used for the walls and floor. The wood is put in a manner that they can be moved to make way for the character.

    If this doesn't work I have some other ideas :) But thanks for your help!

    I can post pictures if you would like.

  • You can also post the capx (save as one file), this is the quickest way for us to have a direct look on what may go wrong.

  • i guess you should use physics instead of dragdrop + solid features, which do not work in such combinations for logical reasons.

    give every involved object psx behaviour and use impulses to move per dragdrop.

    regards :)

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  • another way is, you store the last position, and reset it after collision, as long as the objects collide.

  • Kyatric- That is true and if you think thatd help Id be glad to do that :)

    Xeed- How would I use Physics for this?

    Hmm that might work.. lol Ill try it :D

    Thanks you all for your help!

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