Can I have both solid and walk thru on same map

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  • Hi, Though I would do a different post to my first one as that has been answered.

    I have created a tilemap for a platform game which has both some tiles which are solid and some that you can jump through and walk on. I cannot seem to figure out how to force Construct2 to ignore one of these walkthru type tiles as the properties only allow solid or walkthru. I read why this is so which leaves me to believe that for me to be able to have both on a level I am going to have to design two different tilemaps that sit on top of each other and check it this way?

    Below is a screenshot of the 1st level of the game, I am trying to solve the main problems with tile collision before being able to move on to adding levels etc and am stuck on needing to solve the jump thru block on the same tilemap as solid blocks issue.


  • I think multiple tilemaps is the way to go.

    I carried on with my last example I made and did get "jump thru" sort of working with 1 tilemap but it really isn't worth the extra events to make it work. Don't know how you are building the levels whether inside C2 or Tiled but either should be easy to do with 2 or more tilemaps.


    Playing around some more I'm starting to get better results with just 1 tilemap. I'll post the capx when I'm happy everything is working as it should.

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  • Hi, thank you for the update and carrying on with your own code test. I will wait with bated breath to see how you get on I am using tiled to design the levels.

  • I think I'm done with this at the moment.

    It just seems too counter productive to try and code around 1 tilemap it's almost like redoing C2's excellent built in Platform behaviour in events. It would probably work better if I used a state machine & imagepoints. I probably could get it to work better but like I said it's like re-inventing the wheel.

    Here's were I got to:

      Conveyor left & right Spring Jump thru and drop through platform (sign in tilemap) Ladder (only up -

      Biggest bug is move off the ladder then back on while falling and you'll go through the solid floor



    I would definitely go with multiple tilemaps it would be much easier.

  • Sound advice and once again I very much appreciate all the help you have given. I will take a look at the code and have a play though am thinking that it indeed sounds like two maps is the way to go.

    I am wondering how I go about tying them together and also the other levels as the original game gas 30 of them. I assume that I can use arrays as already mentioned but not played with that side of things are yet. Back in the old (good) days we just made a small array of the level data and then had flags etc to say what level player was on etc.

    Anyway off to have a play with the code. Thanks again.

    Edit: Taken a look and see what you mean re dropping through solid after being on ladder. I will have a play using two maps and see how I get on.

  • The wonderful rexrainbow has made a plugin to load levels created in tiled.

    Never used it myself but as long as you know which tiles in Tiled should use the 2nd tilemap it should just be a case of looping through the Tiled export file using the plugin and placing the correct tiles from the correct tilemap.

  • Cool, will take a look at that as currently all levels are single layer in tiled. I will have to go through doing them as two once I prove it works. Thanks (again!!) for the info.

  • Just looked and imported plugin(s) but cannot figure out how to run or use it and the instructions are not clear to me. There is mention of making a call to: Action:Import tmx but I cannot see how or where I would use this, how it puts a map into the game etc.

    How do I create two tilemaps on the same layout sheet as when I create one it does not provide me with all the properties that the original one does? Do I need to create two layout sheets as well?

    Edit: Operator error For some reason if I clicked on the new tilemap it opened the tileset box but did not allow me to import the walkthrou map. Anyway I simply dragged it to the preview screen and hey presto I was able to load in the tilemap so I now have two maps on the game, Yay!!!

  • Hi Minor, managed to get things working quite well with two tilemaps but oddly I am getting a similar problem that you had in your demo where the sprite will drop through the floor once it has been on the ladder. I have done a bit of playing and realised that this happens even if not on the ladder eg Sprite moving along conveyor, I jump to move against it and when the sprite comes into contact with some 'floating' tiles which are needed for progress in the level the sprite will just fall through the floor, it does this all the time. I followed the advice on the tutorial on platforms also and created a dummy sprite that was a rectangle and pinned my sprite to this, turned off collision on my sprite and on the Fakeplayer sprite but it does not alter this from happening. I am wondering if it is something to do with the ability to press down and fall thru the platform? To get around player falling off bottom of level I have repeated the blocks on the solid tilemap to look the same as the other map and that stopped that from happening. Any thoughts on the falling through issue?

    Can I turn that bit off so nothing can fall through if down is pressed (it oddly does not happen if I press down?) Very odd.

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