A solid reaction with only One object

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  • Hey, i got a Problem again.

    How can i create an object, that only react solid with one other object? I want to make a playfield, that the player can't leave, but his bullets should do so!

    Hope you understand:)

    Any ideas?:)

    Thx in advance

  • Hey,

    just use the "Bound to Layout" behavior for the player. This would be the easiest solution, at least if your playfield is the same size as the layout.

  • I wanted to use the event on walls. like, player can�t walk through the wall but shoots over it!

    So the BoundToLayout-Behavior isn�t what i�m looking for.

    Thank you for your idea:)

    Other ideas?

  • The bullets generally flies through anyways? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/21151675/examples/exampleSolids.capx

    If something else wierd is going on you can use the "set collisions enabled/disabled" action upon collision with the wall.


  • can�t open your example, i just have release 114 :)

    Let me explain the situation:

    i created a blank sprite called "hole" for example. I want the player to shoot over hole, but not to go through.

    At the moment i solved it with "Player"->on collision with another object "hole(which is not solid, cause it shouldn�t reflect bullets ;-) )" and then "8 Direction movement reverse".

    It doesn�t really work out fine. It�s a little bit like glue, the player sticks there pretty long and if i continue running against "hole", sometimes i can wander through!

    Hope i could figure out, where the problem is! :)

  • When i use your " enabled/disabled" solution, i guess my player would shoot himself, if the wall turns completely solid !;-)

  • Shoot over the hole? You mean like a bullet or...?

  • yeah, let me try to explain again

    I made about 6 weapons. Some should shoot over "holes" "walls" etc, some should�t. So i clicked on "bounce of solid" in the bullet behavior of the bullets of my weapons. Works out pretty fine so far.

    My player should�t be able to walk over some holes, but be able to shoot over it, so i can�t make them solid. If i would do so, a hole in the ground, would reflect some of the bullets.

    Only the player should be "reflect" no other objects! everything else should fly over.

    Hope you get it. Sorry for bad english! :)

    THX so far!

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  • Do you have a Capx file so I can see for myself?

  • I'm not at home, but i' ll give it to you tomorrow!:)

    Thx, i hope you can help me!

  • No problem ;)I'm glad to help. You can PM it to me if you don't want anyone else to copy you game.

  • Hey, thank you very much, but i already solved my problem. Made a "hurtzone" so that there?s no possibillity to go across my holes :)

  • Ok, i didn�t really solve it :D

    thinking about my next levels, there is a big problem. The acid river here, can be solved with a hurt zone, but some of the other levels should take place in space for example.


    i hope you can now see what i mean! The beaver and the tree should be able to shoot over the zone, but not to move over. if i make the river solid, the bullets would reflect!

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