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  • Hi everyone! I am a budding game designer and have had an idea, a concept about a game... Basically, it's a puzzler where you don't move the player but change his state (from solid to liquid, and vice versa). However, with my knowledge of what Construct 2 can do, I'm not sure if it is even possible! Is there even a way of making liquids? I could make a ton of small circles or something, but then turning it back to solid..... D:

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  • I have some advice. Since you say you are a budding game designer, I suggest you do something a little more simple first. Even if it's been done before or it isn't hugely unique, just do it so that you are making and designing a game. You need to want to do it though.

    One of the hardest parts of starting is having to cut down your ideas, because every beginner starts with big ideas that they simply can't pull off.

    Sorry I couldn't answer your question but I hope the advice helps.

  • No problem, I completely accept the fact I have almost nought experience :D I have done some basic platformers, and a kind of GTA 1 based Overhead thing (a few guns, getting in and out of cars, cars smoking, setting alight and blowing up...) but I guess I'll try and do something else for now :) NightSky really inspired me...

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