Solid collisions with irregular walls

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  • Hi guys, my question is simple: is there a simple way to make solid walls "irregular" without having to use dozens of solid sprites rotated and resized? For example in this image, wanting to make these solid walls along the contour of the drawing, how could you do it?

    I hope you understand my need and as always I apologize for the bad English translation

  • You could use a tilemap to create an object similar to this where you can edit the collision of individual tiles. You could also create that as one or a few sprite objects and edit the collision shape in the image editor but I think that's heavy on performance if you use too many 'points'.

  • Thanks for the answer, I had already thought about something like that, is there no other way to do it?

  • Not really; a single sprite, multiple sprites or tilemap seems like the way. It's up to you how detailed you want the collision but it could be performance heavy if you go too wild. Looking at the drawing though, it doesn't look a great deal away from flat lines, more like an artistic style. Maybe a simple box polygon is fine and the zig-zag bit will be okay with a diagonal line?

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  • It would look the only way I hoped for some automatic feature of the tool that could simplify the job

  • You mean to auto create the collision? Well C2 just does a guess, it's up to you to add more points and shape it how you want. Shouldn't take too long!

  • thanks, i think tiled mapping when it's possible it's the best choice for this issue!

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