Software for removing background of sprites?

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  • Hi, I am using sprites (the game graphics, not the object type in C2) and I was wondering what is a good lightweight freeware that can be used to quickly remove sprite background then save as png (with transparent background)? I use photoshop/GIMP but it's too heavy on memory. I also want a program instead of website because I usually work on a pc that's offline.

    Are there any suggestions for programs to do this specific task that's easy on the memory and free to use?

  • I'm not sure you're going to find a light weight program for this but, when in doubt, Google it!

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  • TheDom

    not exactly helpful suggestion. Of course I already did that. Even typing "software" among the search keywords brings me websites not software and these websites are for removing backgrounds of pictures of people, things, etc, I tried them and they leave blurry around the edges of 24 bit sprites.

    I need something like Photoshop's indexed color option that recognizes 1 color as background color then remove it in one go.

    GIMP is also still too memory-hugging.

    I need a quick software because this (removing background from sprites) is the only function I need.

  • Removing backgrounds cleanly isn't always so simple... it is something even graphic design professionals need to do regularly and even then each person may achieve different results in terms of quality. That is why heavier programs like Photoshop and GIMP are used - they offer a lot more tools to do a better job.

    If you're looking for lightweight image editing software, you can try But without feathering I don't think you're going to get a great result.

    As for automated software that can do it for you, please let me know if you find anything, I'd be interested as well

  • Gimp has a bunch of tools for this including: ... elect.html

    Then again I'm really against ripping sprites to begin with.

    If it was a royalty free resource it would most likely already be usable content.

  • Here is a tool :

  • I'm talking about removing background color of spritesheets (limited to 256 colors), not the high resolution or 3D models.

    What I meant by "sprites" are the retro type graphics like Mario Bros or Pokemon GameBoy sprites, not the sprite object type in C2.

    What I used to do was use Photoshop's Indexed color mode and select the spritesheet color as the last (bottomright box) so Photoshop will know that color is the background color. I know how to do it in GIMP too (using Alpha) but I was just asking for a lightweight software that's easy on memory

    Already tried clippingmagic before I posted here.


    I'll try to post a screenshot of what exactly I'm talking about (in Photoshop) later.

  • Ahhh. See if Graphics Gale suits your purposes -

    Edit: Or JDraw -

    Your key words for Google would be Pixel Art Software

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