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  • I'm using CocoonJS and looking through the docs, it says you can make graph API calls, but in the newest C2 plugin I see no way to reference this. I'm wanting to be able to see if a FB/Twitter post has been posted, I know CJS doesn't support twitter so I will have to figure another way around for that, but for FB you would normally just make a call to the graph API and check to see if a post id exists or is returned, in the CJS plugin docs it says you can make graph API calls, but it doesn't seem you can access it in the C2 plugin? Also it supports showFriendPicker which doesn't seem to be in the C2 plugin either. I saw there was a tutorial on cloning the default C2 FB plugin and adding invite friend support, but I'm not sure how this will work with CJS? Anyone got any idea on how to implement these features using CocoonJS?

    Note: I switched back to CocoonJS because of the Chrome 38 vysnc issues with movement which affects Crosswalk, and problems with no FB support for iOS with Ejecta, and Phonegap exports run like crap on iOS7 for my game.

    Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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