How make a SniperCrossair with Zoom?

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  • I want to create a ... i call it SniperMode. I want it for my Platform Game. Like this here

    at 01:49. Control=8 Direction and Button=Space to activate and deactivate SniperMode. How i make that you get a blackbackground with a Scope/Crossair in the middle that can also Zoom ? Also Important Thing is that my Screen Size is 800x600. How make that this Crossair/Scope don't continue move if its off Screen. I mean how check the Distance to Player from Crossair or whatever i need to do to Stop it than. Thank you for every Help

  • You could code this all yourself with some clever scaling, or

    the MagicCam plug in will handle all the zooming you want to do.

    For the black background/ crosshairs. You will want a layer with all your assets that is Invisible by default.

    So, the basic flow will be:

    When Space is pressed > Show Layer > Activate Cam

    Press button > Zoom in

    Press button > Zoom out

    When space is pressed > Hide Layer > Deactivate Cam

  • Thanks. but if i place the Plugin in plugins folder of C2 and start Construct i get a error Message. HTML 5 exporter: Unable to load Plugin in Construct2/exporters/html5/plugins/Magic: Cannot open file common.js This plugin will not be available in the Editor.

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  • see

    you don't install to plugins - just drag the (unzipped) file onto construct 2 window.

  • So okay i tried but i can't create what i want,also example don't help me. How i make that the Backround and snipercrossair get visible and invisible if i press Space. I can only do in one Direction. Also how make a good Lens effect in the middle of the blackbackround

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