How do I snap camera to specific place on touch

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  • I've had this idea for a simple adventure game with a twist of combat.

    It's in first person and uses 2D images of course.

    With construct I have to make sacrifises, though. For an example, construct 2 doesn't have seamless wrap like that ice level in sonic 3.

    When the player, or in this case, 'Camera' goes to the end of the screen, it snaps to the other side instead of wrapping seamlessly. Old jrpgs do this too in their over worlds. So, to make up for this, I was thinking of having the 'player' or 'camera' snap or teleport to a certain amount of pixels to the left or right to simulate looking straight, left, right, and back. That ammount of pixels should perfectly snap to each direction and basically simulates the same effect that happens when wrapped only with every 'touch' of the on screen left and right arrows.

    If there are any tips to how I could do this, I would really appreciate the advice. I am playing around with set vector x on touch, but it doesn't seem to go the full length of pixels I put in.

    If there is no advice and no hope, then I will just destroy the 4th or "south" wall and work with the three directions as opposed to 4. Thank you guys so much.

  • I was thinking of having the backgrounds wrap, but it contradicts something else I want to do, so I'd rather quick snapping 4 direction sight.

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  • Set to x worked slightly, but didn't wrap and snap to the other side of the layout.

  • Do not really understand.

    You want to move the camera smoothly to a place?

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