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  • I am making a game called Dragon Orbs and i want the player to control a dragon that has about 4 parts to it. How do i make all the parts of the body flow like a snake.

    I tried attaching them and that didn't work.

    As far as movement the 8 directional doesn't work that well. I also tried using physics revolve point and that didn't work either.

    What would be a simple way to make a snake body move?

    I don't want the body to grow though like in the original game. Just want every part of the snake to trail after the head.

    (Players move with the directional buttons btw)

    Any help would be amazing. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • In my snake rip off

    The snake doesn't move at all.

    Blocks are spawn where the head wants to go, and the tail block is deleted.

    Each block has a counter that decreases every "move". It starts at block.Count and when it reachs 0, it's the tail and it's destroyed.

    That's all.

  • Fore sure. Thx man. What if i want a unique head? I want a dragon head but the rest can be deleted like u said i guess. Could that work?

  • And how did u align it to the grid?

  • for the dragon head put 2 animation frame in the block sprite.

    frame 0 for the basic body part

    frame 1 for the dragon head

    +System: every tick
      -> block: set animation frame to 0
    +block: counter = block.count
      -> set animatino frame to 1

    For the grid alignement just make sure you spawn the head on the grid each time.

  • Thanks Yann, you are awesome dude!!!

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  • Hi, Yann.. I need a simple sample for snake movement game.. hope you would post the capx file for sample..

    Thank you very much


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