Snake...a different way ???

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  • Hi guys, a have a I was all the day in fron of the pc... to manage a snake.... I found many samples...a few good, but too many after hours I had an idea. We could create a HEAD + many segments that pinned... the idea was to apply to the segments a turret that they follow or the head or the segments. My low knowledge about coding does not permit me to go beyond. How can i first manage the gap between each segment...and how can i make the the last follow the previous ( trogh turret rotation) and so on ? I are many genius-coding-masters. Maybe one of u can create a capx with a super simple snake... where the segments are smoothly following the head...without arrays and too many stuff....

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  • Hi, there is a sample project already in C2 (that could spark a idea)

    There is one with *rope* in it's name, but another one that is even better for you - where they make a group and pin the body to themselves (for that you would need the paid version of C2)

  • thanks...I need something a bit more soffisticated ...any help guys ?

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