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  • Please look at this video before you help me.

    1. While dropping the red tube, it has to get the force from that small wood wheel and transfer it to the other given wood wheel to make it rotate.

    But while dropping between them, my red tube is not able to rotate naturally.

    2. After dropping red tube, it will drive the stick on the big wood wheel to make it flow on it and make it drop. I did it, but it is getting rotated too much and some times got flied. I need it should be moved smoothly on the wood wheel like real world object.

    3. After there, the wood stick has to float on the water with slight rotation, but it is going down. It has to with-stand some other object also if other one is dropped on it means.

    Pleas help and I will send the capx file if you need

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  • It doesn't look like the red tube is giving the rotation to the big wooden wheel. It touches it and the wooden weel suddenly starts rotating?

    How is the rotation done?

    Through physics and revolute joints or otherwise?

    A real world object that suddenly gets a shock from a rotating object will sometimes fly, so it looks like it already works like a real world object. If you want the stick to move slowly the rotation should start slow and increase (Like it would in the real world).

    How are you trying to get the stick to float? Are you trying? It takes a lot of calculation to get the right response. The water should apply an upward force depending on how much of the stick is under the surface.

    Hope you can answer these questions, so maybe I can be of some assistance.

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