How do I make smoother scrolling platforms?

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  • Hello there!

    I've been perusing the forums and I can't seem to find a close enough resolve for my issue, so I thought I would ask a question here.

    I'm working on a basic runner game where the platforms spawn based off some array values off screen and scroll into view for your player to jump on/avoid/etc. I'm currently using the 'bullet' behavior to move my objects to the left (towards my player) but I'm noticing some artifacting (jaggy edges) with my platforms when I test it out (both in Chrome, and as an exported NW.JS > .exe). It's almost as if the game is trying to draw/redraw the box over itself as it's moving. It also seems to be somewhat hitchy in the movement.

    As a note, I've also tried the route of making a huge scene and moving my player to the right+scrollx (using the lerp() function) and that worked well(ish), but I don't know how well construct would handle such a huge scene - as that seems somewhat suboptimal (100000x1080) especially if I start to incorporate more moving parts. That being said, I've seen some of the really nicely done games in construct that look like they could have some pretty large layouts (KLANG, Iconoclasts, Next Penelope, etc.) So mayhaps it's doable and more optimal than I am assuming?

    Anyhow, all replies are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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