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  • Hey Guys,

    I thinking how can i do a smooth stop walking animation. I have Walking Animation consisting of 30 frames. When i set event "Platform on stopped" and set animation to "Stand" it's will not be a smooth, becouse any frame in animation "Walking" is different from one frame in "Stand" animation.

    Is there option to turn off the looping for animation Walking (played to the end and stop on last frame) for event "Platform on stopped"?

  • Couldn't you just make another frame or two?

  • cant you just have the stand annimation starting with the end of the walk?...or speed the animation up a bit a remove a few frames?...then it would not be as noticable 30,seems a lot...

  • Have you tried to invert the "platform is moving" event?

    When you invert an event, its basically doing the opposite. For this example its basically saying if "player on platform behaviour is not moving" then do action.

    To invert just right click on the event "platform is moving" then click on "invert"

    I guess the pseudo code would look like this:

    Event: invert platform is moving--->>

                                        Action: set animation of player to "standing"

    So if your player isn't moving then it automatically sets the animation to standing no matter what frame or animation your on.

    Is that what you want?

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  • You really do not need much. Just a single transition frame will do it for a 5 frame walk cycle.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    If he is in the up frame (4) You can also have it play the walk cycle backwards until one of the legs is in the passing position, then go to the stand position.. this will make it look just like he put his leg down really quick. All other frames have it play forward, and only stop moving on the passing position frame (the red one in the diagram).

    If you want to get really fancy, have a "wait" animation. The first 3 frames have it go from the walking to the wait animation, then have it loop back to frame 3 (pass pos) to loop the wait animation.

    WAit animations are usually them standing there breathing, and sometimes looking around or whatever. One of our projects had 1 breathing wait animation it constantly looped, then it would mix in a quick glance up or a hand fidgeting animation then back to the wait loop.

    One of the best examples is a game called "Pitfall: Mayan adventure"

    They have 4 or 5 wait animations to mix up the breathing.

    They made it for Super nintendo, Sega 32x and for Windows 95, and Dos based PC's. You can probably buy it from Good old games (GOG).

    Take a peek at the sprite sheets if you get the PC version. You will see all the little tweak animations they mix in. If I am not mistaken the bitmaps are in a Zip file that the extension renamed to .DAT or .PK3. Just open it with 7zip to look at it.

    I learned VOLUMES of information from that sprite sheet alone.

  • Thanks You all for replays!

    I need lot of frames in my walking animations becouse i have low gravity in my game and its must look more slowly.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I draw my problem :) I think for solution my problem i need a action witch allow walking animation play to the end and then switch to stand animation. But question is how.

  • The only way I can see to get what you want is a system like Flashback...where an animation has to get to a certain frame before an action can be performed by the player....looks great but there is a downside...

    animation is stop animation

    animation frame=30

    no player input

    animation is jump animation

    animation frame=ready to jump

    player presses button

    You would really have to think about level design,for timing of jumps ect as it limits the player window of control and that can be frustrating....

  • Hmm i test and it seems easy to resolve. On event Stop moving platfor and compare with last frame in animation Walking then stop moving :)

  • wasiu9 there is a tutorial i made for platform animation check it out by searching for it and i think it will fix this problem and fix any newer problems with easily thinking ^^

  • Thx for information. I will check it but i didnt thinks its resolve problem jumping animation on player change animation from walking to stand without ending walk animation.

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