How do I make a smooth transition?

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  • Hello!

    How to make a smooth transition from one character to another?

    smooth-transition.capx: ... .capx?dl=0

  • What do you need help with?

  • What do you need help with?

    Hi, thanks for answer

    I want make smooth transition of one character to another. I mean now it happens instantly. The transition from pink character to red character in example

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  • Fade out white as you fade in red

  • So, the characters are different shapes? If you want to morph two images in C2 then I think youre out of luck. Two alternative options come to mind:

    1) 2 sprites swapping opacity over time, attached to a dummy sprite.

    2) Create the images morphing in another program and import it into c2 as an animation.

  • So, the characters are different shapes?


    I tried to do the animation of the explosion between the transition from one character to another.

    But the animation is too long. It is necessary that transition took place while the character is in the air.

    If delete frames it does not look good.

    Could you make an example of transparency or fade effect

  • Leondr Your idea of 'masking' the transition with a separate animation sounds better to me. If the animation is ok but too slow, cant you just increase the animation speed?

  • You could do it this way: have 2 sprites, one red and one pink.

    Pin one of the sprites to another.

    Move the pink one, for example, to top ( z order).

    Platform on jump

    (Sub-event)Pink sprite opacity = o. ---> set opacity to 100 (I don'n now the formula .. Something with dt)

    (Sub-event)Pink sprite opacity = 100 ---> set opacity to 0 (set opacity graduatly)

    This is how I would do it, maybe someone from the forum will help you with the formula.

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