How do I smooth incoming data? [SOLVED]

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  • Hi,

    every tick I'm receiving the Volume-Level of an incoming microphone. Because I need multiple audio-inputs, not directly via the audio-plugin, but with small extra-java-prog via the windows-mixer and with websocket into construct. Then, I'm storing it in a global variable and link the data to the position of a sprite. So far so good. But the sprite is changing it's position too rapidly.

    Can anybody help me out smoothing the data, so the sprite won't change so rapidly it's position?




  • Set Global-Variable to lerp(Global-Variable,Volume-Level,speed*dt)

    Set Volume to Global-Variable

  • Thanks already!

    my global variable is called "Audio_In_01"

    my incoming data is "WebSocket.MessageText"

    I tried your tip with:

    every tick > set lerp(Audio_In_01,WebSocket.MessageText,speed*dt)

    and can't get it to work. Could you give my another, little harder hint :)


  • every tick > set global variable Audio_In_01 to lerp(Audio_In_01,int(WebSocket.MessageText),1*dt)

    every tick > set volume to global variable Audio_In_01

    I have no idea what your speed of interpolation would be.

    Websocket text is obviously a string.

  • sorry for syntax-lacks!

    Now, c2 accepts it. The result is not noticeable, no matter what x*dt

    I'm am wrong again, right :)

    Thanks 4 your patience.

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  • I finally got it working!

    As the incoming data is a floating point number, I changed the "int" to "float" and got the movement smooth as silk.

    Thanks for your decisive help!


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