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  • I really don't know what is going on but I just want a smooth experience in Windows 8 Apps.

    I've tried just a simple platform controller square object sitting on top of a jump thru platform on the ground. moving left or right every second or so there is a blip and the controller sprite lags for a brief instant in what looks like lag.

    The project runs fine in browsers just when i export to windows 8 and run i get this behaviour. I tested it on 2 different machines all showing the same thing.

    Any idea?

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  • :UPDATE:

    After hours of messing around with a ton of settings and machines I decided to just make an appx and install it to see what happens.

    Works 100% with no issues.

    So the question is? How do I test it in VS without these issues.


    Lol so apparently the issues is if you run it in Visual Studio with Debugging enabled you have issues. If you just run it without Debugging it runs like a champ. I have never had Debugging cause this much of a performance issue before so I never even thought of trying it without it on.

    Hopefully this helps other people and now I am extrememely satisfied with my Construct and my purchase =)

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