How do I make smooth collisions?

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  • I have a game where I have a concave object and a player object and when player object collides with the concave object, it(player) should slide without getting stuck in the concave object. Player object has physics, 8 direction and solid behaviours. concave object has physics and solid behaviours. PLEASE HELP!!


  • I think (not sure) may be physics and solid behavior in a same object creates the issue.


    Check collsion points of that concave object. Needs more collision points I guess(as that is an object with hole inside) . Change that small round object's collision to circle

  • I'll try it... THANK YOU

  • Not sure you can get this without some kind of custom plugin-- Round geometry is really hard to emulate using points (which is why we have the "circle" collision box setting)

    It would be cool if you could specify arcs between points in the collision editor. Maybe one day. It will allow us to make domes and other objects that are only partly round, or concave.

  • So there is no way of making collisions smoother for my game...

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  • I have the same problem, im trying to make my character be able to push things around, so i added platform and physics behavior to my player, and physics behavior to movable objects.

    although both player and moveable object are square shaped for now, still their collision doesn't work properly. they do collide but my player is able to pass trough the object.. anyone has a solution for this?

  • Post capx will check

  • Roroxnet, just saw this in the manual. I don't know if this is the problem with your physics objects passing through each other but posting anyway (under physics conditions):

    Is enabled

    True if the physics behavior is currently enabled. When disabled the physics body is completely removed from the physics simulation, so other physics objects will pass through the object.

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